Calvin Miller


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I was raised in Santa Clara and have grown up in a Christian home my whole life (you may notice a few other Miller’s on staff). I’ve always been active in my church community, from serving in VBS to helping in the nursery, and finally to working in youth ministry, something that’s been a blessing throughout my life. Still, after so much time in the church, my heart had become hardened to the message I had spent so many hours listening to. Yet, God softened my hard heart into one growing to appreciate the Gospel.

After my parents transitioned to Church of the Valley, I was hesitant to leave my old church and my friends. But when I was offered a position here, I knew that this would be a place to grow, and God has not disappointed! When I’m not working, I go to Cupertino High School. And in the spaces between homework assignments and work, I love to play and watch sports.