Jordan Pon


Born and raised in San Mateo, CA in an Asian-American, Christian household - I used to believe that my faith was inherited through my family and joining my parents at church on Sundays. I went to Sunday school. I went to Christian, summer day-camp. I was a part of youth group. I did all the things that a stereotypical kid raised in church would do. It wasn't until 2006, when my youth pastor at the time explained the Gospel to me, that I received Christ and declared Him my Lord and Savior.

Within my 4 1/2 years at San Jose State University, I was heavily involved with Pulse College Ministry, leading worship from freshman year to senior year and serving on leadership from sophomore to senior year. God so evidently grew and sanctified me during college as I was able to invest in other students, get discipled and disciple others, develop lifelong Christian friends, do campus outreach, and get plugged into an awesome church community.

I now serve in worship and multimedia for Church of the Valley, focusing on mentorship, discipleship, and life in the Spirit!