Laura Stengel


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I grew up moving around the country a lot as a kid; Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, & Southern California were all home to me before I turned 12. And - despite a loving, tight-nit, Christian family - that instability, coupled with a series of traumatic tragedies during my sophomore year of high school left me an angry, confused, & lost non-believer. Yet, God used those tragedies to bring me to Himself. Through my questioning, emotional turmoil, and hurt there were faithful Christians in my life pointing me to the Truth of who Jesus was and is. Shortly after turning 16, I surrendered my life to Jesus.

In my early twenties, I relocated to the Bay Area to finish my degree in Graphic Design at San Jose State University. While there, I met an amazing group of student-believers who invited me to start attending a group called Compelled Together which was led by Tim Reilly. When he became the lead pastor of COV, I - like many others - merged with the body of believers here and started calling COV home.

I’ve been involved in art & graphic design for years in a variety of capacities (from missions to tech companies to freelancing), and that creativity can glorify God just as much as any other gift can. Art, design, music, etc. is a tool I (and others) can use to point back to Jesus and His goodness. My desire is for people to know Jesus and what He’s done for us; and one of the best ways I can do that is by using the passions & abilities He’s gifted me with to share the Gospel with people in a unique and visual way.