Children’s Ministry

At COV, we believe our children are just as much a part of our community as any adult. As such, we provide a space for them to learn and grow just like their parents. Each age group has the opportunity to learn directly from the Bible with time for discussions and activities tailor-made for each level of understanding. Sunday mornings are the time and place for every child to engage in discussion, connection, application, and takeaways.

All volunteers and staff working with children are interviewed, trained, and have had a background check.




Parents’ Room

Sometimes the little one needs you and you don't want to miss what's going on in the church service. Don't worry we have you covered. We have a private room with a direct feed from the Main Sanctuary and a comfy couch for any parent who needs to take some time to help their little one. Just ask the folks in the nursery and they will be happy to show you the room.

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We believe every child can experience the wonderful love of God. That’s why our Nursery is designed and equipped to minister to children from birth to two years of age. It is our desire at COV to have a room that is safe and clean, to establish an atmosphere of love and laughter for young children so they may experience the love of Christ from the volunteers caring for them, & to give parents confidence (as best we can on our end) that their precious children are being cared for by loving and trustworthy caregivers and volunteers.

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Preschool & Kindergarten

Our goal is that every child entering our church feels loved and valued as a member of God's family. Our approach is to equip each child to understand God’s love through the reading of the Word and engaging in activities that reinforce the things they’re learning. Because our focus is to teach the Word of God to our children, each child will have read through the entire Bible from the time they enter Preschool to the time they leave Kindergarten.

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Much like any community group, we invite each elementary-age child to engage with the Word of God though a discussion-based lesson, check-ins with teachers and leaders, a time of prayer, and with applications to their lives. Beyond that, we help to teach them Bible skills - how to read, study, and understand God’s Word - by studying verse by verse through each book of the Bible.