We're a student-led, student-oriented Christian fellowship on the campus of San Jose State University.

We exist to glorify God, to promote education and understanding of the Christian faith, to encourage students in their personal walks, to build an inclusive and supportive student community, and to spread the love of Christ to every person who enters the campus of San Jose State University.

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Pulse was started in 2004 by Roger Huang.

Throughout the years, we have changed in terms of leaders, overseeing churches, and operations; but we have have always existed to glorify God before all else. Our dynamic consists of scripture-based, student-oriented teaching, thorough and meaningful discussion, and the pursuit of personal and mutual growth through a tight-knit but inclusive community. Pulse seeks to build community modeled on the early church in the book of Acts; however, as we are a college fellowship, our focus is on meeting college students where they are and building them up to glorify God during their time at San Jose State and afterward.


Pulse’s members come from all different backgrounds and majors.

We have engineers, programmers, animators, therapists, teachers, business students, musicians, and more; we have undergrad students, graduate students, and post-graduate alumni; we speak different languages and come from wildly different cultures and upbringings; but before we are any of those things, we are people who love, follow, and seek to emulate Christ Jesus.


Pulse is overseen by Church of the Valley,
a multi-generational, evangelical church founded in Santa Clara. 

Our doors are open to those students who know Christ, who wish to know him, are skeptical of him, or are simply curious about the Christian faith. Come and celebrate Jesus with us!


What Happens?

  1. Our night usually starts with our different gifted students and leaders engaging us in a time of worship.
  2. Then we have different gifted teachers to teach a message from the Bible that's relevant to your life today.
  3. After about an hour and a half, we wrap things up and hang out, go out to eat, and keep the party going!

We meet every Thursday Night at 7:30 pm

We meet at the Spartan Memorial Chapel on the SJSU Campus.