Tim Reilly (Lead Pastor)


I was born and raised in Southern California until my Father and I moved to Santa Clara in 1994. My mother passed away when I was 8 years old, and it made me a very angry and atheistic adolescent to say the least. I attended Buchser Middle School and Santa Clara High School terrorizing my teachers and anyone who had any religion. When I was 20 years old, a loving family who took me in, invited me to a Gospel preaching church. I discovered that there was actually an overwhelming amount of evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus and I became a committed follower of Christ.

I married my best friend, Erin, when I was 22 years old, and over the almost 14 years we have been married, our family has expanded to include 4 children. They are 4 very wonderful and unique children: Reagan (10), Lorelai (8), Evangeline (5) and Boston (3). I started and built up a very successful insurance agency throughout my 20’s that provided for our family and gave me a lot of free time for our children and ministry opportunities. In 16 years of lay, part time and full time ministry I have had the opportunity to be a pastoral intern, a pastor of evangelism / discipleship, an associate pastor, a teaching pastor, an interim pastor and lead pastor for a church plant.

In 2011, I started an equipping ministry called Compelled (compelled.org) that exists to equip followers of Christ to share the hope that we have in an intentional, relational and relatable way. That training has equipped more than 5,000 people in the Bay Area in person, and many thousands more online through our YouTube channel. Compelled also birthed a discipleship training and an “equipping experiment” that grew into a church plant called “Compelled Together”.

My heart is for people to know and grow more into the likeness of Jesus Christ by not only being hearers of the Word, but doers as well. I specifically believe God has called me to help reach the city of Santa Clara through discipleship and preaching the word of God.


Erin Cheney (Worship Director)


Hi, I’m Erin Cheney. I’ve been married to my awesome husband Steven since 2006' and together we have two amazing kids: Paxton and Nevaeh. It is such an honor to be the worship director for Church of the Valley. I have been on various worship teams as a background (and shy) singer for years, but it was only recently that the Lord invited me to step beyond my comfort zone and learn to lead. With a borrowed guitar, crazy faith, and lots of prayer, the Lord enabled me to learn to play the guitar as a 30 year old- and I led my first worship night just 5 weeks later. Everything just clicked and I felt at “home”.

Ever since that day, I know without a doubt that this whole thing is a gift from the Lord- and the joy of getting to do this for Him far outweighs any fear. One of my favorite things the Lord has been teaching me as a worship leader is how to care for His people- to not just sing at them but to sing with them. Now nothing gets me more fired up than to experience a room full of people who are singing their hearts out to Jesus- where they almost don’t need me anymore because they’ve been given courage to worship for themselves.

Erin Reilly (Children's Director)


I have been part of the Christian church since I was four years old. My parents began looking for a church to attend as a family when I started to ask them questions that they were unsure of how to answer. My family was very involved in the church that we began going to. I often joke that it was our second home because we were there whenever the doors were open. Having this kind of connection and positive experience in our church made Jesus real to me for as far back as I can remember.  I also felt blessed to have a faith of my own, but it wasn't until I met Tim Reilly (my future husband) that my faith was challenged. 

I had my first encounter with Tim in high school. He was needless to say my least favorite person in the whole world. He questioned and made fun of everything I said, stood for, and truly believed. While this was difficult, it pushed me to hold firm to my convictions and model genuine care for someone that didn't believe what I did. Seeing Tim’s life change and witnessing his transformation from an antagonistic atheist to an antagonistic evangelist also did a work in my life. I had never before understood why sharing my own faith was that important, but watching how God used his story to awaken something in other people began to light a new fire in me too.  He taught me things that I had never seen in the Word before and doing ministry with him felt like home.  

Seeing Tim through God’s eyes helped me to see myself through His eyes as well. I continue to understand, daily, my purpose and the gifting that he has giving me to further his name. I love seeing and getting to be a part of God’s work in connecting people, especially children, into a closer relationship with Him! I graduated from San Jose State in 2005 with a Bachelors degree in Child Development and my teaching credential. In 2003 I married Tim, and we have four wonderful children. I have been a Children’s Director off and on for the past 5 years. I love children, my own and other people’s kids. I love reading, running and anything Disney.

Lori Rodas (Administrative Assistant)


I am a Santa Clara native and grew up just a few minutes away from CoV.  I graduated from Santa Clara High School in 1994 and began working at CoV in 2000.  My wonderful husband, Oscar and i  were married in July, 2015 here at COV.

Being a wife and mom to a wonderful 15 year old stepson and stepdaughter keeps me busy with work, school homework and attending my husband and son’s futbul “soccer games”. I root for the Oakland A’s and Raiders, and  love going to the Drive-In every chance I get.  I enjoy reading and discovering new cooking recipes.


DeAnna Cassidy (Financial Administrator)


I have been working at CoV since 2007 as the Financial Administrator, but began attending CoV as a child.  My husband Mike and I were married here in 1985, and we have five children, Mike, Nick, Bryan, Matthew, and Kyle (imagine being the only girl in house of six boys!).  I love being out in nature, walking, and spending time with my family.


Barbara Simmons (Church Organist)


Barbara has been the church organist since February 1955.  She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the Institute of Music in San Jose.  She studied the organ with Harold Mueller in San Francisco and Herbert Nanney at Stanford.