Worship Team
Values & Expectations

Thanks so much for your interest in Worship/Tech teams at COV! Here’s some info about our values and expectations as a ministry: 


Worshipping in Truth (John 4:23-24)
Aside from the sermons on Sunday morning, the songs we sing are the next most influential part of our gatherings. We should always be checking the lyrics and message of our songs against God's Word and making sure they are theologically correct and Biblically sound. And our worship must point people to Jesus. He clearly states that He is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life" (John 14:6)

Worshipping in Spirit (John 4:23-24)
We will be learning how to make room for the Holy Spirit by practicing “space" in our set lists. We don't want people to go on autopilot when they worship- we want them to connect in realtime with their Creator. To do this, we are prayerfully learning how to follow His lead while we sing. We use chord charts that allow room for flexibility in our songs so we can adjust a song as the Spirit lead us. We train our leaders to be able to clearly communicate with their team when these in-the-moment changes happen.

Raising Up New Leaders
It's my joy to encourage and help train up new leaders, and where a person's heart is for the Lord and their character matters more to me than the technical skill they bring to the table.

Prayer Over Practice (John 15)
Abiding in Jesus should be our main goal above getting all the technical stuff right in worship. This means that sometimes we will trade another rep of a song at practice for more time spent in prayer.

Accessibility for the Congregation
Our goal isn’t to do worship at people, but to worship with people...so we will constantly evaluate our song choices and song keys, making sure that the average person in our church family can sing the songs and participate, and not just watch the musically gifted people do their thing.

Evaluation & Adjustment
This means we will constantly evaluate why we do what we do, try new things, and adjust to our church's changing culture and needs.


You can expect worship ministry communicating to happen through Planning Center Online. I will do my best each week to send out communication early enough to allow each team member to prepare their parts by rehearsal. I ask that you accept or decline the PCO request quickly so I have time to find a replacement if needed. 

I will equip you to be prepared each week by sharing notes and attaching chord charts and sometimes music files to each song in PCO. It’s your responsibility to practice your individual parts at home so that rehearsal can be an efficient time of blending, not learning for the first time. And if you’re not sure about something, just ask me. I’m more than happy to clarify things or help you figure out specific parts in a song. 

Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings. Tech Team call time is 6:15pm, Worship Team call time is 6:30pm. We start our time together in the Word and in prayer. This is a high value and each team member (tech included) is expected to participate in this time. Then we sound check each person and jump into music. I try my best to have us done by 8:30pm.


Sunday Mornings
Call time for Tech Team is 7:45am. Call time for Worship Team is 8:00am. Worship team sound checks for a half hour, then we gather for our vision-casting and prayer time. 

I totally get that emergencies happen and sometimes you need to miss a Sunday, but I take notice when a person only shows up on the Sundays they’re scheduled for worship team. I am most impressed by the people who are invested in the community of COV and serve behind the scenes- especially when they aren’t seeking affirmation or credit for their service. Those are the types of people I will consistently schedule to be on the stage. I will stop scheduling someone if I see indicators that they are on Worship Team for the fame/good feelings they get from being in the spotlight. 

Attire and Limiting Distractions
While this isn’t a performance, we should still do our best to not draw attention to ourselves. Ladies, this means we need to think twice about what we choose to wear on the platform. Dresses should not be worn if we plan to sit down and should not be too short (knee-ish length is great), tops shouldn’t be low cut (bend forward in front of a mirror and move around to make sure everything stays covered), and sheer clothes should not be worn. Everyone- be aware of how you’re presenting yourself on the stage. Yawning, leaving the stage, weird facial expressions, etc are all ways we can unknowingly draw attention to ourselves and be a distraction. 

A Willingness to Grow
No matter if you're just starting out or if you've been in ministry for decades, I expect each team member to have an attitude of humility and a willingness to grow. We won't do things perfectly, I know that. I won't do things perfectly as your leader. But I'm confident that as long as our eyes are on Jesus and we have hearts to pursue Him, He will teach us how to truly worship Him in spirit and in truth.


Thank you,
Erin Cheney
Worship Director