Worship In Spirit & In Truth

Sundays at 9:30 am and 11:00 am

We are called to do everything to the glory of God.

We worship not only through singing, but through preaching, praying, teaching, and celebrating communion and baptism.

We value participation.

We want to worship with you, not worship at you. This means we will trade in trendiness for accessibility. We’ve got some amazing talent on our teams, but if people in the congregation are observing more than they are singing, we’ve missed the mark. So we do our best to evaluate our songs through that lens and select songs that are accessible. 

We make room for the Holy Spirit to lead.

We pray, plan, and prepare as service leaders. But then, we hold that plan with open hands. This means sometimes we’ll call audibles on a Sunday morning if the Spirit is leading us. Don’t get us wrong, we value order in a worship gathering. We just know it’s too easy to become dependent on a man-made formula, so we are continually stepping out in faith to avoid that. 

We are biblical and Jesus-focused

We understand that next to the sermon, the music we sing is the next most influential part of our gatherings. Because of that, we take the lyrics we sing seriously. We evaluate our songs through the lens of Scripture, and if they’re off we won’t sing them. We won’t always get it perfect, but we will be continually pursuing what it looks like to worship the Lord both in Spirit and in Truth. 


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Worshiping Together

One of the privileges we have as a worship team here at COV is the opportunity to introduce new worship music on a regular basis, as well as write our own music. Not for our own glory, but for God’s glory. These are songs God has placed in and on our hearts, and we want to equip you to worship with us on a Sunday morning. Below are links to download and/or watch these new songs.


“Psalm 24 - Acoustic Version”

by: Erin Cheney & Gabriel Wills